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Sunday 21 July 2013

Second Life and Autodesk 3D Studio Max

Just thinking about starting again with 3D Max tutorials for SL.
If anyone have suggestions about what they would like to learn, they are free to comment below.
Depending of people, I may give more or less priority to meshes or sculpts.
Feel free to comment any suggestion about the tutorial itself and how should be done to be more easy to follow.


  1. i love your tutorial, and i send you some photo,s of the work al ready laern this week,i love to see a tutorial for building house or store whit shade and lights for second life.and good rendering

  2. Could you do a tutorial on layered mesh? I couldn't find any info on it aside from your videos.

    1. Sure, but isn't actually a top priority since I have no idea how that will work using materials or how long will still usable. Also, I noticed that layers behave in different ways depending of the viewer so Im not completely sure if they are worth it in long terms.
      Still, I will try to explain them more on detail.

  3. I just started using Blender. How does someone make the textures so that the letters have individual shadowing? Is it made in blender?

    1. Not sure what you mean exactly. What letters are you talking about? If you just want to know if you can bake shadows in Blender, yes you can.

  4. Good evening Kitsune I am new in the creations of dressed mesh to Second Life using 3ds max.
    I find some difficulty especially with the sekelton of the SL_AVATAR when importing the FBX file, bones seem weird but I can not find much help on the internet.
    Can you make tutorial dealing the best workflow for the creation and preparation of skinning and rigging of Standard or fitted mesh.
    And if you can also talk about common problems of import and export Sl <-> 3ds max and vice versa and how fix them.
    Thank you in advance ;)
    You can contact me in world ma name is ZR Braham.

  5. Hello Kitsune .... I would love to see some tutorials on how to keep the LI really low. I meshed a round bed in 3D Max 2016 and had a LI of 1 but as soon as I put a ridge on the bed, the LI is like 27 or something. I would love to see how things are modelled in high quality yet keep the LI low. Would also be willing to pay for "private lessons". Name inworld is xIITaylorIIx (with 2 capital i's on each side)


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