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Saturday 4 February 2012

Second Life last names back!

Few days ago, some people could notice in a profile of a Linden worker, how he talk about getting back the possibility of choosing a last name from a predefined list of options.
For the most new ones, this is how SL worked always. This gives you an identity, an unique last name that only more or less people will share with you. It's have been known that most of the old users never liked the idea of calling everyone "Resident", for its last name. Asides from making a division in a range of avatars (the "news" and the "olds"), it also reduces the possibility to choose an unique name. So you will need use the display name always (something I have off always lol).

This time we said, they heard and we get. It's nothing new that really LL is changing the policy about hearing what people really want and need. This maybe isn't too noticeable for some people, even more for those who doesn't pays attention to what is happening around, since SL is not just a grid and goes beyond there with a forum, wiki, etc. where you can find how things were, are and will be.
A point for LL this time, let's see what's the next step carefully.


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