The Beginning ~ Kitsune Shan

Sunday 1 January 2012

The Beginning

And with a new year, a new blog is open.

Long time working in this blog, but still didn't chose a theme and layout for it (I accept suggestions).

This blog will be focused in a more personal experience through SL and my knowledge about 3D (sculpts, meshes, etc.) while ::K3D Store:: will be just for updates about my items on SL.

So for those with interest in me point of view and want to learn a bit more about our metaverse, they are very welcome here.

Hope we enjoy together ;)


  1. Good luck with your blog. And do not be afraid to write 1:1 what comes to your mind. This is the essence of blogging after all.

    Maybe some will not like it, but this is how it goes.


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