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Sunday 5 February 2012

Who want make meshes for free?

We all know how expensive are those software to work with meshes and we know aswell, how hard is to manage some free ones.

Now you haven't any excuse to start learning meshes for free!
Daz3D starts a really crazy promotion during February where you can download for FREE their products including plugins and addons! Yeah, this could sound like a bad joke, but it's completely true. You just need follow the link to the Daz3D website clicking in the image, make an account and start creating art.

Even if the three software aren't the best, they are really nice and work perfect to start on this until you think you need something "bigger".

If someone don't know, Daz3D its a modelling and rendering software. You always could download for free, but as basic edition (not PRO). But now you have the opportunity to get the PRO version. Include an easy to use animation maker that allow you to export directly the animations in BVH format ready for Second Life, something that probably you could be interested.

Asides from Daz3D Pro, they are giving for free the nice sculpting and texturing tool, Hexagon. With a really intuitive interface you can sculpt models and texture them very easily without wasting too much time learning complex way. And you know what?, even include an option to make sculpts! And when I say "sculpts" I mean the ones we can see in Second Life because includes an option to export them.

I can't say too much for Bryce, really never tried that one. It's to create landscape, something that maybe you don't need at all for Second Life. But, why not, you can use Bryce to make some cool landscape for those pics you like to do in Second Life :)


  1. Good news, good software, lot of thxs for the link :)

  2. Wow cool, wonder why they are doing this? Thanks for the post!

  3. the left girl is cool looking <.<

  4. like there was no blender for ages which is free and works with SL very well :)

    1. But there is always good to offer alternatives. Even more considering that this was a limited promotion. And you should know that Daz3D doesn't only make meshes but its also SL ready for animations while Hexgon is SL ready for sculpts. All of them free and with a better and easier interface than Blender :).


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